52 Million iPlayer Requests for This Country

Across the three series and the special, This Country has been requested over 52 million times on iPlayer making it one of the biggest BBC Three comedies since the channel went online in 2016.

BBC Three has a rich heritage in comedy and strong a track record of developing series and making them successful. Requests for This Country have grown significantly; the first episode of the third series had three times as many as the first ever episode across the same period (first seven full days on iPlayer).

At present, series one has over 23 million requests, series two nearly over 20 million and series three over 8 million, with over half the requests for series three amongst the 16-34 year old age group. Since series three launched on 17 Feb 2020, just over half of total requests have come from previous episodes of This Country which illustrates the value of long term availability for audiences of scripted content in iPlayer.

It has also performed incredibly well in a Monday night slot on BBC One with the series averaging 1.8 million and the last episode consolidating with 2.19 million viewers.

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“Listen up chumps, basically the Vicar asked us to edit the parish newsletter this month, we weren’t gonna do it at first cos the vicar said ‘I want you to channel your energy into doing something creative’, which he knows brings back Kurtan’s PTSD cos our old woodwork teacher Mr Perkins used to say it to him all the time, and when Kurtan actually DID channel his energy into something creative he managed to sand down some MDF to make a back scratcher and Darren Lacey pointed at it and laughed and called it an ‘abomination to woodwork’, which made Kurtan throw a chair across the room in rage and one of the chair legs hit Rob Robinson and left a dent in his forehead.

So we decided to write this newsletter cos people need to the know the REAL s*** that goes down in our village, it ain’t just fetes and duck races you know – it’s proper f***** up.

All the best,

Kerry and Kurtan

p.s. Kurtan wants to make it clear that although this newsletter is in book format it does not make him any of the following:

Book Worm
Book bummer
Nerd alert
The lion, the witch and the book worm

p.p.s If you don’t buy this newsletter that’s fine, but we are getting a percent of the profits to donate to the Kerry Mucklowe eating fund, so if you don’t buy it I’ll basically starve. Which is fine if your conscience can deal with that utter headf***.”

This Country charity match raises over £7,000

This Country Charity Match

In the This Country charity match on Sunday 21st July, the This Country team took on the Cirencester Veterans at The Corininum Stadium in Cirencester. The matched ended 4-4 after full time, with the This Country team winning in penalties thanks to a save by Martin Mucklowe himself. Other players included Charlie Cooper, Jimmy Walker, Simon Mayhew-Archer and Tom George. Daisy May Cooper joined WTAF A This Country Podcast’s Pavo and Neil in the commentary box.

On the sidelines, Paul Chahidi and Trevor Cooper managed the This Country side with Chelsea’s Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris managing the veterans. Local celebrity Lawrence Llewelyn was also at the game, helping out with the raffle and even doing a bit of commentating.

Before kick off, there was also a minutes applause in honour of Michael Sleggs. The game saw the highest attendance on record for the Corinium Stadium.

Thanks to the This Country charity match, the money raised will be split between the following charities.

National Children’s Football Alliance
Big Yellow Bus Project
The Livingstone Initiative

Michael Sleggs thanksgiving service held in Cirencester

Hundreds of people have paid respects to a star of BBC Three’s This Country Michael Sleggs who died aged 33.

Senior pastor Matt Frost told the thanksgiving service at Circencester Baptist Church that Sleggs, who died of heart failure earlier this month, seemed to be “something of a legend”.

Sleggs had already been well-known in Cirencester, but he found wider fame in the BBC Three hit mockumentary series.

The service included a reading of the Death of Lazarus.

It also included hymns Amazing Grace and In Lord Alone.

Mr Frost added: “He’s been on the TV for the past three years with This Country but if that hadn’t happened there would still be enormous numbers of people here because of the way he was.”

Members of the congregation were also handed bookmarks with a printed version of one of his last Facebook posts.

This post told his friends and followers that he was going into palliative care due to his heart failure and how his faith had helped him.

“He got to the point where he was recognising his life was coming to an end, his health conditions since he was a child, his battle with cancer when he was younger, and finally his body was giving up.

“In recognising that, the faith that he had, throughout all his life, has ebbed and flowed partly as a consequence of his poor health became incredibly strong at the end,” said Mr Frost who had supported him throughout his illness.

“He shared this post much to the surprise of his family at the end of May and it just exploded, and shared thousands and thousands of times.”