Michael Sleggs thanksgiving service held in Cirencester

Hundreds of people have paid respects to a star of BBC Three’s This Country Michael Sleggs who died aged 33.

Senior pastor Matt Frost told the thanksgiving service at Circencester Baptist Church that Sleggs, who died of heart failure earlier this month, seemed to be “something of a legend”.

Sleggs had already been well-known in Cirencester, but he found wider fame in the BBC Three hit mockumentary series.

The service included a reading of the Death of Lazarus.

It also included hymns Amazing Grace and In Lord Alone.

Mr Frost added: “He’s been on the TV for the past three years with This Country but if that hadn’t happened there would still be enormous numbers of people here because of the way he was.”

Members of the congregation were also handed bookmarks with a printed version of one of his last Facebook posts.

This post told his friends and followers that he was going into palliative care due to his heart failure and how his faith had helped him.

“He got to the point where he was recognising his life was coming to an end, his health conditions since he was a child, his battle with cancer when he was younger, and finally his body was giving up.

“In recognising that, the faith that he had, throughout all his life, has ebbed and flowed partly as a consequence of his poor health became incredibly strong at the end,” said Mr Frost who had supported him throughout his illness.

“He shared this post much to the surprise of his family at the end of May and it just exploded, and shared thousands and thousands of times.”